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Celebrating the New Year - Through the Ages

Jan 1, 2018 | Melissa

Celebrating the New Year - Through the Ages

Prior to having kids, New Year’s Eve is often a time to get dressed up.  Many young adults attend a large gathering (whether at a restaurant, bar, or private residence), stay out late, and perhaps even over indulge in ‘adult’ beverages. 

Fast forward to when these same men and women have babies and young kids.   I remember those New Year’s Eves well.  Some were spent with just our immediate family.  Sometimes my husband and I would feed the kids early, celebrate the New Year at 8 or 9 o’clock, and then put the kids to bed.   Once they were asleep, we would eat our more formal dinner, and MAYBE or maybe NOT, stay up until mid-night. 

Sometimes, New Year’s Eve would be spent having a family meal, then playing games or watching a movie together.  We turned on the TV to watch ‘the ball drop’ in the East Coast; after which we all went to bed.

Another way we spent New Year’s Eve was to get together with other families.  We would gather at someone’s house, eat a family friendly dinner, and just all hang out together until it was time to do the countdown to midnight.  By 12:05 AM, we were putting on our coats and heading out the door for home.

Fast forward again to my current life; life with teenagers and older kids.  Each of my kids make their own New Year’s Eve plans with their friends. 

I have spent New Year’s Eve at home chaperoning parties for them and their friends. 

I have spent New Year’s Eve sitting at home with my significant other, cooking or bringing in a nice dinner and watching a movie.  I was quite happy to have a quiet peaceful night in front of the fireplace. 

I have spent New Year’s Eves, kid free, at a friend’s house.  We cook or bring in a nice meal, do the countdown at midnight, and head out the door at 12:15 AM. 

No matter how I spend New Year’s Eve now, I am available to drive my kids to and/or from their celebration location if needed.

I look forward to the next day.  New Year’s Day – a fresh start.  A day spent sleeping in and eating breakfast together.  Nothing fancy.  Sometimes we go out for breakfast, sometimes it’s bagels and eggs at home.  Now New Year’s Day is the time I spend together with my kids.

As my kids get older, my life changes.  My activities change.  How I enjoy spending my free time changes.  As I tell those with babies and young children, enjoy and appreciate every moment you have with your kids.  Soon, those ‘crazy’ times will come to an end and you will cherish the memories.  Life will be different; not better or worse; just different.