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Family Bonding Activity: Saving up money in a personalized piggy bank.

Nov 17, 2017 | Melissa

Moms and dads out there: I know you may feel silly having a piggy bank for yourself, but one for your son or daughter that everyone contributes to is a great bonding experience that teaches them lifelong lessons and doesn’t pinch your wallet!

Imagine you and your young ones shoveling quarters and dimes into that little square hole until finally, it becomes heavy with months of saved silver and copper coins. When you empty it out, there is enough there to take that trip to see the stingrays at the aquarium, the black bears at the zoo or to see your local team play at the stadium!


Not only does the money you save have tangible benefits, but teaching your kids to save their money early in childhood will be a valuable life lesson for years to come. They will gather money and instead of letting it run through their fingers, they can stow it away and share it with the whole family. This will teach them that good things come to those who wait and work for it. Being smart with money is something that can never be taught too early.


Also, imagine the look of excitement on their faces whenever they find a new coin to add to the piggy bank! Dropping coins into that pretty painted pig every other day will be an experience they won’t soon forget. Not to mention, you can contribute and make your purse or wallet much lighter, without feeling like you’re losing too much money.


Finally, for a more practical benefit, you can also teach your kids math skills with a family piggy bank. For the really young ones, it’s easy to run through addition and subtraction lessons. For the slightly older ones, when you dump it out, you can help them understand fractions and percentages more thoroughly.


There are so many reasons to start a family piggy bank today. Namely, your family can bond in a shared goal, all while learning the value of saving up money for something fun. When a particular dollar amount is reached, spend it on yourselves because you deserve it! Spending that small cash (that builds up quicker than you think) on a family outing will last much longer than that quarter spent on a gumball. Be sure to tell your kids that.


If you are looking for a personalized piggy bank, Stork Gifts has many selections to choose from. Customize it with your child’s name to give it as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. Or you can put your family name on it to keep for years to come. Hold more than just coins in the belly of that little round piggy; hold memories that’ll last a lifetime. A personalized piggy bank from Stork is a gift for the whole family!