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Item #: NSBK
Price: $59.99
Engraving on Back ($15):  
Child's Name (12 Letters Max)
Color of Letters
Engraving (if chosen) - 1st Line
Engraving - 2nd Line
3rd Line
4th Line
5th Line
6th Line:

Name Puzzle Stool


This sturdy handcrafted name puzzle stool is made out of BIRCH wood. Each letter is brightly colored with nontoxic paint and has smooth, easy to fit edges. Letters are 3/4 inch thick and are available in primary or pastel colors.  

For names up to 8 Letters:  Personalized Name Puzzle Stool measures 9" deep, 8" high, and 12" long. 

For names 9-12 letters:  Personalized Name Puzzle Stool measures 9" deep, 8" high, and 16" long. 

For two names up to 10 letters:  Personalized Name Puzzle Stool measures 9" deep, 8" high, and 16" long.    

Add a special message engraved on the back of the stool (additional $15).  Up to 5 Lines, 24 letters/spaces each line. 








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by cassandra
on 8/3/2015
Perfect baby gift!
I love the Name Puzzle Stool and have been giving it as a newborn baby present for years.  Most of the moms who received this from me say it is their favorite gift of all the baby presents they were given. It's a perfect present:  sturdy, attractive  and so personal.  I love the fact that as a baby gets older, this stool teaches the child so many things...  colors, spelling and minor motor skills. This is a gift the child will have and use for years. It's the perfect thoughtful present. 
by Nena
on 5/26/2015
Best new mommy gift ever!!
As a mom, when I received this gift it was the most thoughtful out of all the gifts. The quality of the actual stool surpasses any other type I've seen. It's the best gift that grows with every stage of your baby - from 6 months old when they are learning shapes and colors to 5 years old brushing their teeth. I highly recommended this gift to anyone looking for something to give to a new mom. 
by Jessica
on 3/11/2015
Perfect Aunt Gift!
I am an Aunt of three little ones, and have purchased this stool for each of their First birthdays. I think it is the perfect occasion to give this gift, because it's a big celebration requiring a sentimental, solid gift. The stool is one step above other personalized gifts, as it's interactive, instructional and functional. It actually serves a purpose and does not just sit on a shelf! Not to mention it is made from high quality materials and built to last. I love gifting something so unique and well-loved for years to come. 
by Tammi
on 3/5/2015
Great gift
Mt boys received these as gifts when they were born, and 4 years later, they still love them.  We have also given the stool as a gift and it is always well received!
by T Johnson
on 2/13/2015
Great stool
My daughter loves this school.  It is both functional and fun to play with the puzzle.  Great guy.  We have one in the pastel for our daughter and a primary color stool for our son.
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